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Supersized soda scaremongering from Nanny Bloomberg as he marks National Donut Day

ZOMG! The sugar! It’s coming to get you! And your little dog, too!

Since today is “National Donut Day,” some people assumed Big Doughnut would be New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s next target. Maybe he’d tweet a handy dandy chart detailing the tooth-rotting, waist-expanding menace of Krispy Kremes.


But they would be wrong. In between media appearances to promote his War on Supersized Joy, Nanny Bloomberg made time to celebrate National Donut Day.

Fox News reports:

Supersized doughnuts were used as props Friday during a Manhattan ceremony marking the 75th annual National Donut Day.

The event at Madison Square Park also featured a proclamation signed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Mayor did not use his Twitter account to promote the National Donut Day proclamation. Fancy that.

When even Matt Lauer pointed out how ridiculous he is, Bloomberg replied:

One doughnut’s not going to hurt you. In moderation, most things are O.K.

And who gets to define “in moderation”? Why, Nanny Bloomberg, of course. Bloomie’s from the government and he’s here to help.


The absurdity of New York City’s Nanny in Chief did not go unnoticed:

Give us Big Gulps or give us death!

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