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Rep. Keith Ellison: ALEC's voter ID push 'done with malice aforethought' (and racism, natch)

Election integrity?  Who needs it? Asking citizens to show government-issued ID before entering the voting booth is racist, sexist, and a whole bunch of other -ists.


Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., runs down the numbers provided by dependable sources like the Center for American Progress report, “Voter Suppression 101: How Conservatives Are Conspiring to Disenfranchise Millions of Americans.:

Why would Gov. Scott Walker do such a thing? You know why. Racism.

Ellison’s implication is that voter ID laws lead to minority voter suppression, but the facts simply don’t back him up:

Heritage Foundation proves this claim false. And it’s not just false on paper, it’s false in practice. Georgia implemented such a law (and South Carolina’s is even more lenient) six years ago. Know what happened? Voting by black voters increased from 513,700 in 2006 to 741,000 in 2010. How racist!


But, but, shut up! Voter fraud is a myth pushed by power hungry ALEC and its racist conspiracy to disenfranchise black voters.

By spewing scare-tistics and attacking ALEC, Ellison exposes his thirst for power over minority voting blocs.

If Ellison cares so much about the 25 percent of black Americans he claims have no ID, why isn’t he fighting to end their exclusion from full participation in society? This is about politics, not people.

We’ve been required to show government-issued photo ID to board a plane, use a debit card, open a bank account, set up direct deposit, enter government buildings—the list goes on and on. If millions of Americans can’t do those things, isn’t that the problem? And isn’t that why voter ID legislation in states like Minnesota has included provisions to help people get ID?

Who looks at these statistics and thinks, “I’m a-okay with millions of Americans lacking the basic identification they need to go about their daily lives”?

Keith Ellison and the anti-ALEC mob, that’s who.

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