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Conspiracy loon Alec Baldwin has more 'questions' about Andrew Breitbart's death

Last night Twitchy reported that actor Alec Baldwin dipped his toes into the pool of despicable conspiracy theories surrounding Andrew Breitbart’s tragic death. Today, he’s wading in waist deep.


Yesterday it seemed like his questions about how Breitbart died were intended to be cruel mockery, not necessarily genuine conspiracy theorizing. Today, he’s gone full truther. He’s just curious. Just asking questions. Is it even possible for fire to melt steel? How do we know Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig if we can’t get her into the gynecological stirrups to see for ourselves? Open your eyes man. Wheels within wheels.

Conspiracy nuts seem to like “just asking questions” an awful lot.

Once again, actor Adam Baldwin didn’t let him get away with sliming Andrew Breitbart through this ghoulish line of questioning.


What’s in Alec Baldwin’s wallet? Check behind that Capital One bankster card and you might find his Alex Jones fan club membership. It matches his InfoWars decoder ring.



Conspiracy theorists never seem to get their questions answered. Funny that.


Time for Alec to start scurrying away with his tail between his legs.




Alec’s final word?

But he had no problem baiting those “reactionary fundamentalists” with gross speculation that their beloved friend Andrew Breitbart died of unnatural causes.

To quote someone Alec Baldwin might be familiar with, “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being.”


UPDATE: Looks like Alec Baldwin has come up with an excuse to block Adam Baldwin.

Of course that’s all a lie. Adam Baldwin fired back.



Apparently Alec will take any excuse to get those darn RW nutbags out of his hair at this point.

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