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Tolerance bullies: gay marriage supporter Will Smith is a total homophobe for not kissing a dude

Apparently men now have to literally taste the rainbow to prove they’re not anti-gay.

“Will Smith” was trending on Twitter this morning as people reacted to news that the actor lightly backhanded a male reporter who tried to plant a big, juicy kiss on his mouth.


TMZ reported, “You can clearly see that Will is incredibly pissed that the guy showed overt affection toward him.”

Overt affection? Some dude Smith didn’t know invaded his personal space without consent. Gay or straight, as Smith said, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

And Smith thought “girls ain’t nothing but trouble.” Sheesh.

Here’s video of Smith’s “hate crime”:

Smith has voiced his support for gay marriage, but that won’t stop the PC police from branding him a homophobic bigot.!/hello_sailor/status/203622718309015552!/BarbaraDarlin/status/203658374578049026!/FagsyMalone/status/203598194473570305!/xluvachi/status/203705148252487681!/Felix_knowsbest/status/203768604741746688!/FiserableMucker/status/203731482622164992!/Cortellesso/status/203598744107761664


What, no accusations of “homophonia“? We’re disappointed.

Others who still have at least a bare minimum of rational thought fought back on the celeb’s behalf:!/lindsaysomerset/status/203844749168357376!/cutiechronicles/status/203844003819569152!/xstex/status/203634507704840193!/robfiction/status/203787213681602560!/RantingOwl/status/203588582022197248!/DepressedDarth/status/203633354271240192!/xLovePatricia/status/203597816671649792

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