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Conservatives support Jon Lovitz as liberal trolls renew vile attacks

The oh-so-tolerant Left is viciously attacking comedian Jon Lovitz — even calling him a “Nazi” — because he has the sheer audacity to believe he already pays his fair share of taxes.


On Wednesday, Allapundit predicted:

If they weren’t calling you a Nazi for that, they’d be calling you a Nazi for appearing on Fox.

Oh how right he was. The “new tone” was out in full force after Lovitz appeared on Hannity Thursday.!/MikeC8819/status/203620438000140288!/EricoPaul/status/203694575016087552!/whoisagentzero/status/203582239991279616!/MJCC1987/status/203590617056559104!/H8NNIBAL/status/203364342077460481!/H8NNIBAL/status/203364338298404864

Lovitz has a thick skin, but one attack was so vile, so beyond the pale, he couldn’t let it go:!/realjonlovitz/status/203761224150827009!/realjonlovitz/status/203761652859011072!/realjonlovitz/status/203762328284565504

Hitting Lovitz over his close friendship with Phil Hartman? Repulsive. Conservatives on Twitter rallied to Lovitz’s defense and lashed back at the despicable little troll.


Looks like Lovitz does have more than his fair share of something: class.!/realjonlovitz/status/203764883869806592

Here’s the video of his Hannity appearance:!/RocksEm/status/203346956477677568

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