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Squee! Journalists in full groupie mode ahead of Tiger Beat banquet in D.C.

Ah, Nerd Prom: second chance prom for some, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner if you’re a journalist with any sense of shame.

It’s the night journalists suspend any remaining pretense of objectivity to rub elbows with celebs like Kim Kardashian and Elle Macpherson. Oh, and to giggle like lovestruck schoolgirls while the president delivers canned one-liners.


Hmm, so maybe not that different than any other night.!/RelevantMom/status/196274058038480896!/davidshepardson/status/196288053428498433!/edhenryTV/status/196295435265126400!/edhenryTV/status/196295059606478849!/phuffdaddy/status/196294805108690945!/Alec_Wasserman/status/196283007567527936!/StevenTDennis/status/196042490321715200

Someone should let them know it’s not 1985 and the guys in Menudo aren’t going to sign their copies of Tiger Beat.

Sure, they try to play it off like it’s ironic. Y’know, like trucker hats and pornstaches. Sorry, journos, you’re going to have to work harder at weaving that narrative:!/chashomans/status/196275868761468929!/stevethegoose/status/196054341436702720

Those screaming girls? Probably our media.!/mikeziegler/status/196300017449967619

But not bad material for a Twitchy post!

Some poor souls, like the Washington Post‘s chief Occupy D.C. correspondent, won’t get to toss their panties at celebrity crushes.


Chief Occupy D.C. correspondent! That exists. And apparently, she’s not welcome at Nerd Prom. Maybe she worked too hard to fit in with the Occupiers?

But at least it’s a diverse crowd:!/JenebaSpeaks/status/196304871597686785!/JenebaSpeaks/status/196305296765890561

Well, just about as diverse as the MSNBC lineup. Or the Obama campaign headquarters. Do as we say, not as we do!

If you can’t take the fawning spectacle, here’s a coping tip:!/gabrielmalor/status/195861155523215360

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