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Pa. Blue Dog primary losses invite fresh round of 'Obama ate a dog' jokes

Progressives are celebrating the Tuesday primary losses of two Pa. Blue Dog Democrats. Rep. Tim Holden lost to personal injury attorney Matt Cartwright and Rep. Mark Critz won a narrow victory over fellow Democratic incumbent Rep. Jason Altmire.


Redistricting and an influx of cash from organized labor contributed significantly to the Blue Dog losses:!/MattMooreAP/status/194972957582434304!/JakeSternberger/status/194997398454538240

But conservatives on Twitter decided to have a little fun with analyzing the primary results:!/TeriChristoph/status/194976479371730944!/Stacy_Mott/status/194977574072500224!/katyabram/status/194961765384192001!/katyabram/status/194974241140113408!/eriContrarian/status/194990148163874817!/NouvelleNom/status/194977657690132480!/Miz_Eisenhower/status/194977947470409730

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