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Huh? TPM editor claims conservatives created 'Obama is weirdo Muslim dog eater meme'

As news of Dog Meat-gate was ruining the nation’s appetites Tuesday night, Talking Points Memo editor and publisher Josh Marshall decided to weigh in.



Ohhhh, of course. We’d be completely familiar with that right-wing meme … if it actually existed. But of course, when liberals have no valid argument, they try to distract by trotting out absurd claims like “wingnutty wingnuts all think the president is a sekrit Moooooslim!!11!!1!”

Conservatives pushed back immediately, calling Marshall out for inserting religion into the discussion. They also took him to task for attributing anti-Muslim motives to people having a little fun with the #obamadogrecipes hashtag.







So when will we see a retraction or apology?


Yeah, we won’t hold our breath. For the Left, it’s more important to promote false and ludicrous caricatures of conservatives than to tell—what do those wingnuts call it?—the truth.

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