Get ready for today’s Detroit news to launch a thousand progressive meltdowns. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled he’ll consider cuts to city employees’ pensions in Detroit’s bankruptcy.

One prog thug on the #UniteBlue hashtag kicked off the civility parade with something that looked an awful lot like a death threat.

The threat was deleted, but as always, Twitchy is forever.

His excuse? It wasn’t a threat, you illiterate imbeciles!

Twitter verdict: obvious threat.

Ah, the inevitable attempt to walk back his threat:

Lest we be accused of omitting the “context,” here are the two tweets from Dominic Nanni that preceded the threat.

How’s that for “context”? Really changes things, huh?

Need more? Here’s what reportedly appeared on his Facebook page:

A larger view:


We’ll see if the authorities buy the whole “out of context” routine.


Looks like someone’s awfully sorry he got caught:

His full post via Facebook:

Social Media Followers and Friends —

Earlier this morning, I made a remark about Judge Rhodes and his decision to allow public pensions to be cut as part of bankruptcy protection. This tweet caused an extremely adverse reaction from people across the aisle. While I remind myself every time I post something that shouldn’t be posted, I seemed to have forgotten the extreme importance of paying attention to what exactly I post. I apologize for this and it will not happen again.

Best regards,


Nanni appears to have deleted his Twitter account after this post was published, but his threat lives on.


Nanni appears to have restored his Twitter account.