Actress Stacey Dash dazzled “Red Eye” viewers with her debut appearance last night.


Wait … what about crispy critters?  The out-and-proud Hollywood conservative shredded 404care in an analogy that left Dick and Jane a bit crispier than they were.

When automotive companies produce a car that explodes on impact, they normally recall the car, stop the ads immediately. Now these people are continuing to try to sell us a car that we know is going to explode, trying to convince us that Jane and Dick are not going to be crispy critters. But, indeed, we know they are. So now they’ve resorted to “Get Obamacare. It’ll get you laid.” Uh … no.

No, indeed. Here’s a clip of the segment on Obamacare and those absurd Colorado Hosurance ads:

Perhaps even more delighted than “Red Eye” viewers? Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal:

More pics:




Viewer verdict: more Stacey!


But the best part of Dash’s trip to NYC? This:


If you have time, here’s a longer clip, courtesy of Steven Laboe.


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