When one man attended the Million Vet March with a confederate flag, the crapdog media immediately elevated him to the face of the conservative movement. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee demanded that Sen. Ted Cruz and GOP congressmen denounce the “disgusting Tea Party” act.

Ahem. Behold the face of the Democrats proudly waving his disgusting “Thanks Tea-Tards” sign at an Organizing for Action rally in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

Since the OFA rally had protesters numbering in the ones, that’s a pretty high percentage of Obama supporters engaging in hate speech against the disabled, don’t ya think?

Well, if OFA isn’t denouncing the sign, that’s a full blown endorsement! That’s how it works, right?

Or not:

We call on OFA, the DNC, President Obama, Eva Longoria, Harry Reid, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers, Chris Brown and Big Bird to immediately denounce this heinous act by Dem supporters (yes, plural!)



Failure to condemn this hurtful and despicable Democratic act will be taken as an implicit endorsement of this:

We await OFA’s statement.


Still no apology, though. What gives, OFA?


Finally, word from OFA. Via Politico:

After reporters tweeted photos of a sign that read “Thanks Tea-Tards,” OFA headquarters in Chicago contacted Ruiz and asked her to have it removed, she said.

An OFA official said “we neither support nor approve of the inappropriate language in a sign… today.”


‘My siiiign!’: ‘Tea-Tards’ guy thrilled with all the attention; Update: Tweet deleted; OFA responds