Funny ha-ha? No. Funny nightmare-inducing.

In a surprise move, Geraldo Rivera and Anthony Weiner wore clothes for one of the most disturbing selfies ever tweeted. We have chills and not in the good way.

Geraldo’s take:

Jake Tapper ups the creepy factor:

Hold us!

But is it possible Geraldo and Carlos Danger weren’t alone in that pic? Time to play “Where’s Greg-o?”

Scroll down for the answer. No cheating!

“Joy of Hate” photobomb!


The appearance of Greg Gutfeld’s book in the shudder-worthy selfie was brought to his attention in a tweet.

The awesome power of Twitter strikes again.

Exit wisdom from Lisa De Pasquale:



‘70 is the new 50:’ Geraldo Rivera tweets sideways topless selfie; World groans

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