‘70 is the new 50:’ Geraldo Rivera tweets sideways topless selfie; World groans

Holy crap, indeed.

Late Saturday night, Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera somehow got it into his brain that posting a half-naked, sideways selfie was a good idea. Twitter users everywhere gasped.

In horror.

And reached for the eye bleach.



Move over, Amanda Bynes!

Geraldo Rivera and Mr. Burns, separated at birth?

If Rivera was trying to distract people from his weekend’s earlier blunders, he succeeded.

Fox News colleague Greg Gutfeld chimed in on SeniorCitizenSelfieGate:

Make it stop. Make it stop.

#GeraldoSelfie has broken the Internets.


This may be the first time in Twitchy history that we wished Twitchy wasn’t forever.

Well, it could have been worse.