Really? New Jersey needs a progressive governor who appears to think of Tea Party congressmen as “House teabags”? Because that’s the term of endearment used in this tweet that was retweeted by Barbara Buono, a New Jersey state senator and Gov. Christie’s Dem challenger.

Politwoops caught the oh-so-classy retweet before Buono’s campaign attempted to send it down the memory hole.


Welcome to Twitchy, Sen. Buono. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s forever.

Enjoy the campaign!

* * *

Update: It seems the Buono campaign is still working out the kinks in its social media strategy. After the deletion of the tweet made news, communications director David Turner explained in a statement that deleting the retweet in the first place was the mistake, and the campaign promptly re-retweeted the gag about those mean old “House teabags.” ‘Cause it’s true, you know?

And a screenshot in case she re-deletes the re-retweet:

buono re-retweet