Isn’t it the ‘yes, we can!’ attitude that got San Diego Mayor Bob Filner into trouble in the first place? For the Dems in San Diego who attended the pro-Filner rally on Monday, Gloria Steinem’s “one free grope” rule is now 17 free gropes … and counting.

A small, vocal group of men and women took the microphones outside San Diego’s City Hall with signs, chants, songs and passionate defenses of Filthy Filner’s binders full of sexual harassment accusations. They called the rally “Time to Heal, Forgive & Get Back to Moving City Forward with Mayor Filner.” Let the healing begin!

A … victim? Please let that be a misquote.

The most gobsmacking moment had to be when Maxine Sherard, PhD, a former candidate for state assembly, explained that Filner is “far more than sloppy kisses.” No, really.

Sherard added:

Filner is reportedly in talks with San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to either leave office or return to work without creating a hostile work environment.

Meanwhile, the U-T San Diego is having a little fun at the mayor’s expense.

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