How ’bout that?

During the selection of the jury for George Zimmerman’s murder trial, juror B29 was identified as “black or Hispanic.”

But somehow — somehow — that detail didn’t reach many who bought into the rampant, race-baiting “all-white jury” narrative. And then the Puerto Rican juror known as “Maddy” revealed her face in an interview with Robin Roberts on ABC.

A sampling of tweets from earlier this month:

Except for the fact that you don’t live in a state where an all-white jury acquitted George Zimmerman. Via Reuters:

Juror B29 allowed her face to be shown and used her first name, Maddy. ABC said the 36-year-old woman is Puerto Rican and that she recently moved to Florida from Chicago. She is a nursing assistant and mother of eight.

Juror B29, the only non-white member of the jury, is the second juror to speak in a televised interview, and the first to show her face.


Brian Williams described the jury as “all white” before issuing a correction.

And he wasn’t the only one:

A HuffPo piece claimed the “jury of all white women” could not “relate to Trayvon Martin.” A race-baiting op-ed by a Duke law prof pointed to the “all-white jury’s empathy for Zimmerman.” And the Washington Post was forced to issue this “correction” that leaves the door open for readers to assume the jury was probably all white:

An earlier version of the headline incorrectly reported that the jury in George Zimmerman’s trial is composed of six white women. Only five of the women are known to be white.

WaPo’s URL still includes the words “six white women to serve as jurors.” But hey, only five jurors are “known to be white.”

The Daily Howler has other examples of false or slippery jury descriptions from CNN, Chris Matthews and an NAACP rep.

Now that the news that Juror B29 isn’t white has gone viral, we can dispense with the narrative of a jury motivated solely by white supremacy, right? Not so fast. See, Maddy told ABC, “George Zimmerman got away with murder” because there wasn’t enough proof to convict him.

Reasonable doubt? That’s the result of white supremacy, natch.

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