Richard Marx’s fun, snarky tweets are one of Twitter’s best kept secrets. And it’s not just the #FlashbackFriday pics of the singer rocking a “BIG party in the front and BIG party in the back.”

The long-suffering Marx has endured decades of mullet-related abuse. But has the day finally arrived? Will he no longer defend himself against the vicious charge that he sported a mullet throughout the 80s?

But if Marx won’t fight the good fight, who will? Who?

Get it straight people! Or not. Even an aspiring cantankerous old man can’t fight this battle day in and day out. Teaching Mullet 101 to the masses is grueling. And it’s not like he has the stamina of The Stamos.

Yeah, sure, he doesn’t need to school people on on the meaning of the dreaded M-word. He can quit any time!