The NSA’s “got the right stuff, baby,” says New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre.

Obama’s government can snoop all it wants, without limits, and it’s a-OK with McIntyre because this administration has clearly shown itself to respect the rights of political enemies. In fact, surveillance of Americans is just like having a neighborhood beat cop swing by the corner store to make sure all is well.

McIntyre doesn’t “get political” much, he just needs you to know there’s “no line” when it comes to Big Daddy Government.

So what does he say to this?

Hmm …

The Constitution actually does have lines the government “shall not” cross. But McIntyre trusts Obama’s NSA to cross any and all lines and cross right back. No harm done.

How ’bout this line?

Hush now. We’re talking NSA overreach, not IRS overreach.

Now time to wrap this up, all you paranoids.

Or not …

Exit question: Would McIntyre still love the way the NSA turns him on if these revelations about the NSA’s surveillance programs occurred under President George W. Bush?