Roseanne Barr is promoting a May 17 “Mideast Masters of Jazz” concert starring Israeli-born “sax maniac” Gilad Atzmon.

Atzmon has been widely criticized as a Holocaust revisionist, anti-Semite and anti-Zionist. Alan Dershowitz offered a glimpse inside Atzmon’s mind in a 2012 Daily News op-ed:

While the Holocaust “was not at all an historical narrative” and Auschwitz was not a “death camp,” the “accusations of Jews making matzo out of young Goyim’s blood,” may be true. “The Jews” caused the recent credit crunch, which the author calls “the Zio-punch.”

Roseanne, of course, is no stranger to anti-Semitism. Last year she used Twitter to warn followers about the horrors of “Jewish mind control.”

And we all remember this:

Color us shocked to find that Roseanne doubled down on her support of Atzmon after critics called her out.

Roseanne claims she doesn’t find Holocaust denial “acceptable” and called one Twitter user “a filthy liar and a troll.”

She asked Atzmon to address the “lies” personally.

And oh did he ever.

It didn’t take long for him to lash out at a “zio joker” (obviously a tolerant and loving term of endearment).

Hey, he’s not a Holocaust denier. He’s just asking questions.

But don’t use your “Zio campaign” to call Atzmon a Jew hater, you lying “Zio-troll.” It’ll get him referring to himself in the third person, and nobody wants that.

Tolerance city, baby!

In case you’re wondering why this guy is “famous” (we weren’t), he’s happy to tell you one of his claims to fame is being “the only person who stood up against Jewish power.” Really:

And yet, Roseanne continues to defend this odious creep.

We’ll leave Roseanne and her supporters with this thought:

(Hat tip: @doomsdaypicnic)