The town of West, Texas lost three fire trucks in last week’s fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14 people, including 9 first responders. As the community recovers from the devastating explosion, Waco Police Sgt. William Patrick Swanton says the West Volunteer Fire Department received a generous gift: a much-needed pumper truck.

Pat Siddons of Siddons-Martin Emergency Group told Swanton he didn’t want the act of kindness mentioned, but Swanton “told him I was having none of that.”

More from Swanton’s post on the Waco Police Department Facebook page:

I wanted to share with you what I have learned this morning as just one example we Texans are capable of. I understand there is much of this going on but I am glad to call this man my friend for what he and his business have done.

Pat Siddons and I used to work on an ambulance together and that is where I became familiar with his graciousness in dealing with people. Pat was raised in our area and still has family here but has moved on to run a fire emergency vehicle company know as Siddons-Martin Emergency Group.

I verified with him today that his company has donated the below truck to our neighboring community of West to assist them in keeping their town safe. He wanted no mention of this act but I told him I was having none of that and people needed to know what we as Texans do.

One Facebook user commented:

I spoke to Pat also this morning. He said the same thing. He wanted to remain annomoyus. Well my friend the cats out of the bag, and it won’t go back in easy! Proud to call you my friend.


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