CNBC political correspondent John Harwood doesn’t “buy” all this silly hollering about the media blackout on accused murderer Kermit Gosnell and his abortion house of horrors.

Know who the real victims are? The poor beleaguered media forced to publicly examine their biases and the reasons for their corrupt silence.

The horror! He might have to read tweets criticizing the media!

Tiger Woods’  two-shot penalty for an illegal drop at the Masters is newsworthy and generating a lot of buzz on Twitter today. But the infants who screamed and moved before Gosnell allegedly snipped their spines deserve a voice — one they never got a chance to have.

On Friday, the conservative Twittersphere united to call out the brazen national media for ignoring Gosnell’s alleged crimes. Some journalists were shamed into finally covering the horrific testimony, but clearly, the fight isn’t over yet.


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