After Jim Carrey called gun owners “heartless motherf*ckers” and mocked Charlton Heston in his pitiful “Cold Dead Hand” video, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld absolutely filleted the “odious twerp.” But Gutfeld wasn’t done with Carrey.

Last night on “Red Eye,” Gutfeld asked panelist Dana Perino, “Is it hypocritical to be a vocal gun critic while you have somebody protecting you, or is that just the nature of the game — when you become famous you have a bodyguard?”

Perino replied, “In Jim Carrey’s case, it doesn’t make him a hypocrite, it makes him an asshole.” Perino cringed slightly at her own choice of words, but hey, sometimes it needs to be said. She went on to blast Carrey for attacking Charlton Heston, who isn’t even around to defend himself.

Watch the video:

Actor Nick Searcy wasn’t the only hit with viewers on last night’s “Red Eye.” Fans loved seeing this side of Perino come out in response to “simpering tool” Jim Carrey.

Oooh. Make it happen!

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