Ha! Indeed it did.

That New Jersey community was, of course, the site of the “Martian landings” that panicked people listening to Orson Welles’ 1938 radio adaptation of “War of the Worlds.” Good thing Star-Ledger reporter Tomás Dinges was around to fact-check the “supposed event”:

He contacted the police. Hilarious! Google is hard. So very hard.

After a little digging, Dinges seemed to understand the joke.

But never let some completely unnecessary investigative reporting go to waste!

From Dinges’ write-up:

A tweet declaring a meteor may have landed in the Grovers Mill section of West Windsor Township was unfounded, according to local police, who said they have not received any phone calls tonight regarding the event.


After his amusing encounter with Dinges, Twitter user Nathan Wurtzel has adopted a new avatar.


Nicely done!