Sequesterpocalygeddon Theater continues. As Twitchy reported on Tuesday, the White House decided to punish the riffraff by canceling public tours of the palace. The people’s house? Says you, pleb.

Fox News host Eric Bolling stepped up to the plate with a generous proposal.

“Let these families take their White House tours next week and I’ll cover the added expenses. Word is it will cost around $74,000,” he said on Thursday’s edition of “The Five.”

Fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity quickly joined in with a matching offer to help end the White House’s ongoing theatrics.

They shouldn’t have to, but they are. Will the White House respond?

#OpenOurWH trended on Friday as citizens took to Twitter to support Bolling and Hannity and demand a response from the White House.

Others are offering to join Bolling and Hannity.

What say you, President Obama?