Gun-control logic with Touré always leads him to attempt mental gymnastics that leave him flat on his face. But this latest effort to ding the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre isn’t just logically-challenged; It’s sick.

Touré links to a Washington Post article about a man who was “possessed of a monstrous gift for cruelty.” His physical abuse of his family ended when he shot his wife at close range in front of their children.

That is Touré’s definition of a “good guy with a gun”? This guy who beat his kids and shot his wife was basically a total sweetheart — he was just “mad.”

One Twitter user suggested that a woman with a gun might very well be able to stop her deranged lunatic husband from shooting her.

Something could go wrong.

Much like Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar, Touré thinks hysterical womenfolk can’t be trusted to accurately identify a threat. There are few things the Left seems to love more than a defenseless, unarmed woman.

Good guys with guns shoot their wives and women can achieve empowerment through powerlessness? Isn’t it time somebody confiscated Touré’s For the Women™ card?