Conspiracy crackpot Alex Jones is a “normal,” run-of-the-mill gun advocate, says Business Insider deputy editor Joseph Weisenthal. That’s right, the 9/11 truther who thinks gay people come from potato chips and juice boxes is pretty much the mold from which gun advocates are cut.

You know what, Joe? Forgive us if we don’t take our cues on “normal” from a guy who finds the idea of minting a trillion-dollar coin to deal with the debt ceiling “really thrilling.”

Oh, hush now. Alex Jones appeared on CNN!!!11! with model of normalcy and journalistic superstar Piers Morgan. So one can only assume he’s “what a normal gun advocate is like.”

CNN and Piers Morgan wouldn’t steer you wrong, would they?

A forgiving take on this ludicrous tweet would be that Weisenthal is simply delusional, or possibly trolling. But either way, chances are he knows perfectly well he’s full of it.

That’s certainly why Musket Morgan invited Jones to appear on his program.


Weisenthal goes with the ol’ “trolling” explanation.

Shocking, we know. Who could have predicted that? (Feel free to scroll back up.)


Joe calls out others for trolling. No further comment necessary.