Whip out your teeny tiny violins! It’s lights out at Columbus, Ohio, progressive talk radio station WVKO, and the station blames the Obama campaign and other Dems for failing to keep it afloat with those sweet, sweet ObamaDollars.

As conservative talker Tony Katz writes, “Their website reads as a cross between a sweet goodbye letter, and a double-crossed lover doing their best not to boil your bunny.” A snippet of that farewell:

[W]e had a good run with the station, and we were happy to in some small way contribute to the success that the Democrats enjoyed in November. Unfortunately, it was not a two-way street, and lack of advertising support from the Obama campaign all the way down to local races ensured that we will be unable to continue into the new year. I put my time, money, heart and soul into doing what I believed to be important for the country, but those who benefited most from our efforts chose to spend their campaign dollars elsewhere. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….

It couldn’t be that progressive talk radio just never seems to find a foothold, could it? Cough, Air America, cough.

Sorry, progs. Obama’s just not that into you. At least, not enough to pour money into your sinkhole of a station.

The goodbye letter goes on to blame advertisers for pulling out and not returning the station’s calls (presumably made from ObamaPhones). Set down your drink and read more at Tony Katz’s blog.

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