While many members of our oh-so-esteemed media were ghoulishly weaving the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre into their beloved gun-grabbing narrative, others were more concerned with getting a scoop … out of the mouths of babes.

Before the blood of 20 murdered children was dry, reporters descended on Newtown, Conn., to pry terrified reactions from traumatized schoolchildren.

In CT, speaking with Sandy Hook third graders

Just look at the concern on Katie Couric’s face as she interviews those kids. What compassion!

Sensitive “real journalist” Piers “Musket” Morgan got in on the action too, bringing a child on his CNN program after spending the day politicizing the tragedy on Twitter.


Anderson Cooper refused to join his colleagues.

But dozens of other journalists sought out fragile child witnesses and frightened classmates with no regard for their state of shock or the further damage that might be done.

That pathetic CYA policy didn’t fly with viewers, and Cooper’s fellow CNN reporters were among the most criticized offenders.


CNN wasn’t the only network seeking out children for interviews.

And local reporters joined their national brethren in their attempts to be first at pulling tearful quotes from horrified children.

One journalist even suggested it was all for the greater gun-control good.

People of all political stripes, including some members of the media, were appalled by the quest to add to these kid’s emotional trauma in the name of “journalism.”

Take a bow, “real journalists.” You’ve outdone yourselves this time.


While survivors of the massacre are hopefully home with their families today, the vultures are still circling at Sandy Hook Elementary:

Let’s hope those non-reporters they’re pouncing on don’t include children today.