Yep, that happened. Media Matters’ “senior fellow” Eric Boehlert has finally lost his tenuous hold on reality and wants you to know that the media are actually in the tank for the GOP. The GOP!

We’re to believe those “lapdogs” are looking on with puppy-like adoration as GOP lawmakers raise questions about Amb. Rice’s potential nomination to the nation’s top diplomatic slot? That’s odd. Then why would those “lapdogs” cry racism over criticism of Rice and dutifully report on how GOP men “pick on women and minorities” like Rice?

Naturally, Boehlert would have you believe the GOP is “smearing” Rice by having the audacity to investigate why she repeatedly misled the American people on the nature of the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack. And it’s all part of the master plan to put Scott Brown back in the U.S. Senate.

Because of racism and sexism, of course.

At this rate, Boehlert will be rocking back and forth in the corner eating his own hair before the confirmation hearings even take place. Well, unless he’s got some teenage girls to berate on Twitter. Then he’ll pull it together.