Conservative radio host Dana Loesch isn’t one to pull punches. She hitches up her skirt and fights like a girl every time. Last night she pulled on a pair of killer boots (as she’s known to do) and stomped all over the self-vaunted D.C. consultant class.

Loesch is referring to Project Orca, the Romney campaign’s proprietary vote-tracking software that flopped massively on election day. Campaign volunteer John Ekdahl called it an “unmitigated disaster.” Loesch is far from alone in blaming arrogant, self-serving consultants and their absurdly super-sized egos.

Loesch also ripped into Zac Moffat, digital director for the Romney campaign in a hilarious and spot-on rant. Grab a drink (and an AOL diskette coaster) and enjoy.

We wonder if Moffat hears that squeaky little ICQ “uh oh” in his dreams.


Hot lamps: the new disinfectant.

Apologize for nothing, Dana!

Her righteous rant inspired Twitterers to share their frustrations with the Romney campaign and mock ineffectual, self-absorbed Beltway consultants.

Perhaps the worst part:

Always a giver, Dana offered up a much-needed palate cleanser after exposing the slimy “subculture of snake oil salesmen in DC.”