Well, at least there’s plenty to laugh at today. Some smarty-pants Obama supporters are sighing with relief and it’s not just because their candidate won.

Finally — finally! — liberals have some assurance about where their next Tampax fix will come from. With President Lady Parts in the White House for another four years, American women will never suffer the fate ridiculed by Ace last month.

Libs took to Twitter to celebrate the defeat of Romney’s mythical plans for a nationwide ban on feminine hygiene products.



One person lamented that she had already stockpiled tampons.


Hey, she should have read Twitchy and saved herself the trouble!

Meanwhile, other Obama supporters rejoiced that Mitt Romney won’t be able to laugh maniacally while outlawing all birth control. As if that was his plan.

Somehow, a few people managed to stock up on birth control despite the widely rumored inability of people to do so without a government sugar daddy.

Classy. Your “bitch” is one lucky gal to have you (and Big Daddy Government) looking out for her!






Bless your precious hearts.

With Romney’s defeat, one thing is certain: liberal Twitter users will remain the gift that keeps on giving, no matter who occupies the Oval Office.