Cher really wasn’t feeling MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning. But it’s safe to say she wasn’t disgusted for the reasons we usually are.

Mika Brzezinski can’t get enough of the sweet, sweet Bindergate “scandal.” But Joe Scarborough and Mark Halperin just aren’t that into the manufactured outrage over Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women,” and they let her know.

That’s when Cher decided to tweet a note to self about how to email the “Morning Joe” crew.

That link goes to an page about how to “send an email to the Joe Scarborogh’s Morning Joe Show.” We’re guessing Cher spelled Scarborough’s name that way when she googled.

If Cher handles email as well as she manages Twitter, we suspect her letter to the “Morning Joe” gang won’t actually go through. But she gave the Twitterverse a taste of what she might write in her screed of feminist outrage.

Wait … Cher, who claimed contraception is illegal, is accusing Romney of lying? RIP, self-awareness.

It seems Cher is most upset because she expects more from MSNBC. She expects … the news.


While it’s almost certainly an exercise in futility, here’s a reality check for Cher about the “Morning Joe” discussion. Plenty of men and — gasp! — women understand that this election is about a whole lot more than Romney’s tame admission that he actively recruited female job candidates.

In the least shocking news of the day, Cher and Mika didn’t have much to say about the other candidate’s record on female employees.

Democrat War on Women? Cher’s head just exploded. Fortunately there wasn’t much to clean up.


Looks like Cher couldn’t figure out the whole email thing so she began venting to Mark Halperin on Twitter.

Well, that’s kind of a letter, what with the whole “Respectfully CHER” thing.


“Morning Joe” thanks Cher for her contributions. Heh.