Creepy Obama campaign manager Jim Messina doesn’t just put the lotion on; he also puts the irrational cuckoo on.

His brilliant spin for why Joe Biden’s creeptastic smirk during the vice presidential debate rivals his own infamous smile? Uncle Joe is a “happy warrior.” Really.

More from Byron York:

“Biden was a happy warrior tonight,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said.  “Joe Biden was a happy warrior for the middle class.”

Still, was it appropriate for Biden to actually laugh while Ryan was speaking?  “I think it was appropriate for him to show passion and have him be a happy warrior,” Messina said. “When the other side is spending their time talking about facial gestures and laughing, you know they had a bad night.”

Ah, yes. Totally “appropriate.” Because what happy warrior doesn’t grin and chuckle during a debate about the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya?

Actual happy warriors thought Messina’s bizarre spin was a whole lotta malarkey.

Sounds like the spin of a winning team!