Just in case you thought silly season was over, climb aboard and fasten your seat belts for the Obama campaign’s final descent into self-parody. Team Obama is out today with a new attack ad featuring … Big Bird.

Oh, it’s real. And it’s spectacular. Spectacularly humiliating for the campaigner in chief.

There goes the nursery school vote!

“Mitt Romney: taking on our enemies, no matter where they nest.” This ad brought to you by the letters O, M and G.

The best part? The campaign is proud of this! Our aching sides! Team Obama thinks the 30-second video is so very clever and effective that it’s floating the rumor that the ad will appear on national television:

Politico reports that the campaign is “calling this a TV spot.” But at least one member of the Palace Guard media desperately hopes it ain’t so.

Mitt Romney is talking foreign policy and President Scaremonger is making Sesame Street ads. Oh how we love the taste of desperation in the morning!


This is a takeaway we can believe in:

Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away …


Obama henchman David Axelrod adds to the campaign’s humiliation:

Oh, my.

Update: Double side-splitting! “Sesame Street” requests that the ad be taken down.