Just in case you thought Ellen Barkin reserved her cuckoo pants venom solely for Mormons, pro-lifers and “right wing morons,” the actress took to Twitter Tuesday morning to set the record straight. Barkin is perfectly content to channel her inner Mommie Dearest while biting the hand that feeds her — NBC.

But instead of wailing about wire hangers, it’s — gasp! — superfluous letters in a hashtag!

Just think of all the extra vitriol she could fit into tweets about her new show, “The New Normal,” if NBC would just get its “#shit2gether” and promote the hashtag #NewNormal instead of #TheNewNormal.

Of course, it seems Ellen tried to get her new “frenz” worked up over nothing. It’s only in Barkin’s unhinged mind that NBC is using the @NBCTheNewNormal account to push #TheNewNormal as the show’s hashtag. Some recent tweets from the show’s official Twitter account:


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