As many as 70 percent of President Obama’s Twitter followers are reportedly fake. But that’s not all Team Obama and the liar in chief are faking these days.

BuzzFeed reports that one of the women featured in the campaign’s “Republican Women for Obama” ad is … wait for it … a Democrat. Odds on whether lying liar Stephanie Cutter thought this was a good idea?

Maria Ciano who is featured in the web video has been a registered Democrat since October 2006 according to voter registration records.

“People like me and my family have realized that the Republican Party once was inline with our views, but are no longer,” the Colorado resident says in the video.

The right side of the Twitterverse is less than shocked by the Obama camp’s latest lie.

Perhaps she wasn’t meant to be an actual Republican woman. You know, Obama has a thing for composite ladies.

Julia, er, Maria in her own words:


Power Line’s John Hinderaker dug up Maria Ciano’s Facebook page. Her “likes” include, Obamacare and the Democratic Party. He also uncovered a second liberal posing as a “Republican for Obama.”

Visit Power Line to read about Delia Ciano, Maria’s mom. Her favorite program is “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

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