During a revoltingly racist 2008 rant, D-list comedian Sandra Bernhard said Sarah Palin was a “whore” who would be “gang-raped” by her “big black brothers” if she visited New York.

Four years ago, rape was a punchline. Because gang rape? Always hilarious when it happens to a pro-life conservative woman. Wocka wocka wocka!

But yesterday, the vile Bernhard decided her pro-women credibility was somehow still intact. She joined other liberal celebs and many Republican Twitter users in condemning U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin for saying that women rarely get pregnant from “legitimate rapes.”

What’s next? Will Whoopi Goldberg clutch her pearls about Akin distinguishing rape and rape-rape? Why not? The hypocritical femme-a-gogues who pushed the “ultrasounds are rape” meme are already crowing about how Akin’s comment minimized violence against women.

Bernhard should save her hyperventilating and atrociously unfunny one-liners for the handful of fawning misogynists who still buy tickets for her shows. The faux outrage is beyond absurd from someone who gleefully uses rape as a political bludgeon under the guise of comedy.

The only punchline is Bernhard’s “For the Women” card. It continues to be a total joke.


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