When a thief got his sticky fingers on David Pogue’s beloved iPhone, he probably wasn’t bargaining for a crowd-sourced investigation. The New York Times tech columnist tweeted screen shots of the phone’s location to his 1.4 million+ followers.

Somewhere in Maryland, eh? The Twitterverse is on it!


A Gizmodo writer believes the phone is being held near the Highland Park Elementary School in Carmody Hills-Pepper Mill Village, Maryland.

A few Twitter users warned Pogue that the thief is holing up in a shady area.


Some suggested instead of counting on the Twitter Bloodhound Gang, Pogue should call the authorities.

Will Twitter’s super sleuths save the day? No luck yet, but at least Pogue has a ready-made topic for his next column.

Twitchy will monitor the missing iPhone situation and update as more information becomes available.


Pogue links to Gizmodo’s detective work.

Gizmodo has posted an update with a statement from Pogue. Apparently his phone was snagged Monday on an Amtrak train somewhere between Philadelphia and Bridgeport, Conn. He located the phone using “Find My iPhone” and Maryland police have been notified.

The phone is now thought to be at a private residence.


Sage advice:



Police located Pogue’s iPhone this afternoon.

Julie Parker, media relations director for Prince George’s County Police, tweeted a photo of the recovered phone.

Well done, PGPD!


Pogue tells the harrowing tale of the days he spent pining for his lost iPhone.