Today would have been Nobel laureate Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday.

Friedman was a tireless champion of economic freedom and individual liberty. As Thomas Sowell notes, he was an intellectual giant, “but people with no knowledge of economics had no trouble understanding his popular books.”

Friedman’s name is trending on Twitter today as the right side of the Twitterverse celebrates the centenary of his birth.

Meanwhile, unhinged leftists who abhor free markets and free people couldn’t wait to slither out of their gutters to spit on Friedman’s grave.

The “horrors of capitalism”? Capitalism has raised the standard of living in every social stratum, saving lives and lifting millions out of poverty around the globe. To call that a “horror” is nothing short of evil.

As Friedman wrote, “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”

Happy 100th birthday, Milton Friedman. May your ideas continue to change the lives of billions for the better.