Singer and “Celebrity Apprentice 5” contestant Aubrey O’Day is known for her racy Instagram photos that leave little to the imagination. And now, her one million Twitter followers no longer need to use their imaginations to know what she thinks about American politics. (Our apologies for stretching the definition of “thinks.”)

If so, time for a new publicist.

The aspiring Meghan McCain also weighed in on President Obama and the House of Representatives.

Sigh. Aubrey, when exactly did Republicans regain control of the House? What year was that election? We’ll give you a hint. We’re thinking of a number between 2009 and 2011.

And what year did President Potential take office? We’ll wait while you do the math.

For the most part, her “Aubtourage” swooned over the political tweets while waiting for Aubrey to post her next bikini pic.

Alas, there was no Instagram of her half-naked romp on the beach. But O’Day did offer followers a brief review of “Newsroom.”

Quite an indemnification.


Update: She’s not done yet, and she has some numbers for those “nuts” questioning her timeline.

Well, at least we’ve cleared that up, right?