In his desperate and pathetic quest for relevance, sanctimonious hypocrite Keith Olbermann took to Twitter to moan and groan about a handful of news sites that didn’t properly credit him for his iPhone photo of lightning hitting the Empire State Building.

Pot, we believe you and kettle need no introductions.

Olbermann has shamelessly “borrowed” content without attribution, and that’s just one of many times the former MSNBC and Current TV host flushed journalistic integrity down the toilet . We know Olbermann needs to keep his name out there, but could he spare us the high and mighty declarations of “who plays fair and who doesn’t”?

Apparently not.

Not that he needs credit to feel good about himself. No siree!

Swallow your drink before reading this next tweet.

Oh! The giggle fits! We can’t breathe!

Are we really supposed to accept that Current TV was a shining beacon of journalistic integrity until Olbermann left? Snort!

Now shoo, Olby. Slither back under your rock of irrelevance.