Virgin Group founder Richard Branson can’t seem to come up with anything that should be off-limits to consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes.

What people do behind closed doors as consenting adults is nothing to do with governments whatsoever.

That covers sex, drugs, everything – it just seems to be a no-brainer. Governments should of course advise on the potential dangers of certain activities, but that should be the end of their role.

His Twitter followers smacked down the notion that tossing in the phrase “consenting adults” makes everything a-okay.

Is Branson okay with online forums dedicated to connecting the cannibal-curious with “consenting” meals? Because consensual cannibalism? Not okay.

Branson’s post seems to indicate he wants to do away with pesky prohibitions on viewing child pornography, cannibalism, and incest. Y’know, as long as people keep those doors shut.

It is sickening that some governments can arrest people, put them in prison and even hang them, for doing things as consenting adults in their own homes. It is disgraceful.

Maybe Branson hasn’t thought this one through.