In a new video released by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, President Obama expresses his gratitude to Planned Parenthood supporters. He also manages to toss in a few jabs at the Republican effort to defund Planned Parenthood.

Here’s the transcript:

For you, and for most Americans, protecting women’s health is a mission that stands above politics. And yet over the past year, you’ve had to stand up to politicians who want to deny millions of women the care they rely on, and inject themselves into decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor.

Let’s be clear here. Women are not an interest group. They’re mothers and daughters and sisters and wives. They’re half of this country. And they’re perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health. So we’re grateful that through it all, you never forgot who you’re fighting for:

The woman with a new lease on life because a mammogram caught her cancer in time.

The woman who can sleep easier at night because of a cervical cancer screening.

The woman who was able to choose when to start a family because she could afford contraception.

So when some professional politicians casually say that they’ll get rid of Planned Parenthood, don’t forget what they’re really talking about: eliminating the funding for preventive care that millions of women rely on and leaving them to fend for themselves. That’s why last year when Republicans in Congress threatened to shut down the government unless we stopped funding Planned Parenthood, I had a simple answer: no.

But we know this debate is far from over. We must continue to send a message loud and clear: if you truly value families, you shouldn’t play politics with a woman’s health. That’s why I know that Planned Parenthood will continue providing care no matter what. I know you’ll never stop fighting to protect the health care and the choices that America’s women deserve. And as long as I have the privilege of being your president, neither will I. Thanks.

The only thing missing is a #WarOnWomen hashtag.

On the Planned Parenthood Action Fund website, supporters are encouraged to watch the “special message” and to sign a letter thanking the president for “standing strong for women’s health.”

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