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Sen. Marco Rubio: 'Future Generations Will Look Back on Dobbs As a Great Victory for Freedom'

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

Sen. Marco Rubio published the following tweet regarding "the second anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson."


The text of the tweet in its entirety reads:

Tomorrow will mark the second anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson.

Every American should celebrate it, for two reasons.

Number one: Dobbs overturned Roe v. Wade, a terrible ruling with no basis in U.S. law. Even liberal legal scholars recognize there is no “right” to kill unborn children in the Constitution.

Number two: For the first time in half a century, Americans across the country are having a real debate about pro-life policies. This has revealed to everyone what the Left is fighting for: taxpayer-funded abortion up to the moment of birth.

The debate has also revealed some stunning—and heartbreaking—statistics.

For example, roughly two thirds of women who have received an abortion in America have done so against their will and desire. 24 percent say they were literally “coerced,” and another 43 percent say their abortions were “inconsistent with their values and preferences.”

Beyond that, what is too often left unsaid is that the Left’s efforts to increase abortions deprive millions of citizens of the most basic right of all: the right to life.

Unborn children, like any children, cannot vote or protest. But this is no reason to leave them unaccounted for.

Future generations will look back on Dobbs as a great victory for freedom, but our work is far from over. Pro-life Americans must recommit to protecting the unborn and providing families, mothers, and their children—in the womb and out of it—with the support they need to thrive.


The United States exists and was established to promote life. The attempted legal justification of the taking of life is unconstitutional and inconsistent with the essence, spirit, and purpose of our nation.

The problem is deeper than an immoral and unconstitutional judgment by a Supreme Court. That is just the legal face representing a deeper problem. The problem is what gave rise to such a decision and how it was taken advantage of once decided.

Every effort should be made by every Supreme Court to ensure that bad judgments, judgments that are wrong and unconstitutional, are not made. Unfortunately, bad judgments are made at times. Such judgments are destined to be overturned, so they should not be taken advantage of as if they carry the force of a constitutional amendment.

We as a nation do not protect life and the right to life as best we could. We as a nation do not flee from sexual immorality as best we could. We as a nation do not suppress greed as best we could. And we as a nation do not defend ourselves as best we could. Protecting life and the right to life includes remaining vigilant to the threat of forces hostile to the United States working very effectively right here in our land to undermine our laws, undermine our national spirit, and undermine our national purpose.


The repudiation of evil and the declaration that a law attempting to allow the deprivation of life is unconstitutional should be celebrated, but the need for such a repudiation and declaration should not be celebrated.

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