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House Speaker Mike Johnson: 'President Biden's Wide-Open Border'

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) tweets, "President Biden's wide-open border has let millions of illegal aliens, including terrorists and violent criminals, into our country."


U.S. Customs and Border Protection counts 1,691,251 Southwest Land Border Encounters in Fiscal Year 2024, beginning in October of 2023. That is more than the 1,644,936 that U.S. CBP counted at the same point in the past fiscal year, and it is more than the 1,539,314 counted in Fiscal Year 2022. CBP counted 930,218 at the same point in Fiscal Year 2021.

The statistics describe a humanitarian emergency and a national security disaster that has occurred as a result of open borders policies. The volume of persons being dealt with is in the millions. The range of potential threats posed is from basic criminality to terrorism.

Illegal immigration threatens the safety of a nation's citizens, and it disenfranchises those who are immigrating and who have immigrated legally. Immigration laws must be enforced. The immigration system must be allowed to function in an orderly manner. A nation must have borders, and those borders must be secure.

President Joe Biden should already be armed with what is necessary to secure the border, relevant immigration laws under the Constitution flowing from Congress and agencies with agents to execute those laws. Securing the border should not be up for debate. President Biden and congressional Democrats may be ideologically inclined toward open-borders immigration policy, but as elected governing officeholders they should be inclined toward securing the border.


A nation maintaining a secure border and an orderly immigration process for those who would assimilate to its land is more than a hot-button election issue. It is not a patriotic nicety. It is not a problem for only states that are located on borders, nor is it something that affects only conservative Republicans. It is not a buzzword on a list of terms to the left of numbers and percentage symbols. It is not a talking point to be used when politically convenient or popular. It is an absolute necessity for the well-being of a nation and its citizens, and it is one of the very foundations of a free republic.

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