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Matthew Continetti shows how Joe Biden's call with the president of Mexico leaves unanswered questions about the border

It remains largely unclear how a potential President Joe Biden would operate in comparison to what candidate Joe Biden espoused on the campaign trail regarding a variety of issues. One of those issues, which is of concern to many Americans, is the United States’ relationship with its bordering-neighbor to the south, Mexico.


After the Biden-Harris team posted a readout of a call Biden had with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, we should have gained a better understanding about how a Biden administration would approach U.S.-Mexico relations. But, alas, as Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti points out, the posted dialogue between Biden and Obrador leaves many lingering questions.

Continetti notes a couple of variations from Biden’s campaign rhetoric in his call with the president of Mexico.

“The two leaders noted a shared desire to address the root causes of migration in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and southern Mexico and to build a future of greater opportunity and security for the region. They discussed working together on a new approach to regional migration that offers alternatives to undertaking the dangerous journey to the United States.”


Biden’s not even in office, and he’s talking about how much time fulfilling his commitments is going to take.

It sure sounds as if Biden is leaving the door open for his potential administration to attempt doing just about whatever it wants with the border.

No given timetable and few stated parameters provide little clarity on how a Biden-Harris administration would deal with problems on the southern border.


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