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'What full panic mode looks like': Brian Stelter's attempt to blame Trump for the media's woes is just pathetic

As you have probably noticed, the Left hasn’t taken the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign very well, especially that part about there being no new indictments.


CNN host Brian Stelter is literally screaming at the camera, begging that people not be “fooled by the partisans.”

The chyron during Stelter’s rant says it all:

“Tune out the noise, tune in to the news”

“Trump allies are blaming the media (again)”

The lack of self-awareness as to how they have covered the 600-plus days of the Mueller probe is on full display here.


How dare the media actually take responsibility for the volumes of (shaky at best) reporting that was intended for no other purpose than to denigrate President Trump and his presidency.

Then again, perhaps reality is setting in for them as to what much of America (excluding the fringe Left) thinks of their “coverage” of the investigation.

Contrary to what Washington-based media pundits may believe, most Americans have brains and internet connections.

The stranglehold that the major television networks and newspapers once held on political commentary no longer exists.

This fact makes them very uneasy.

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