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'Frequently demonized': Hey MSM, remember these instances when Obama went after Fox News?

Weekly Standard editor Larry O’Connor has compiled helpful reminders of times when President Obama vilified a single news company, Fox News. In 2010, he told Rolling Stone Magazine that Fox News was “destructive” to the country.


That was a month before the first midterm “shellacking” of his party under his leadership. During the Benghazi and IRS scandals, he blamed none other than Fox News. He told Bill O’Reilly in a pre-Super Bowl interview that the scandals kept surfacing because “folks like you will promote them.”

In 2014, he suggested that Fox News was calling affordable health care a threat to freedom.


If it had been affordable, his party might not have been pasted in the midterm elections a month later and Hillary Clinton might be the current president. Looks like Fox’s critical reporting was on the right side of history.

Just take it from a Fox News journalist who knows all too well how Obama felt regarding the media.


Another prominent media member diagnosed with Obama Administration Memory Loss

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