Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo puts the border crisis into perspective.

“An open border is an attack on our sovereignty.” Those are sobering words from someone who is not too distantly removed from leading the State Department.

Legitimate efforts to secure the border and stop illegal immigration have been met by obstruction coupled with a gusher of unfair sentimentality from the left and inaction from too many elected Republicans. The result is a prolonged calamity that has over time metastasized into a full-blown national security and humanitarian crisis. The manifold potential threats to the entire nation caused by a dismantled immigration system stemming from years of open borders policies should have created the political will to solve this issue long ago. It has dragged on because it has been allowed to drag on.

If the Midterm Elections put Republican majorities in Congress, there will at least be an avenue of opposition to the Biden administration’s dangerous open borders “policies.”