There is an obstacle in the way of Democrats passing legislation that would benefit pet liberal projects galore and affirm a radical leftist administrative agenda. The obstacle is the fact that half of the U.S. Senate is comprised of members put there by voters who chose Republicans.

“We should believe him,” Sen. Sanders tweets with an ominous undertone, as if Leader McConnell and his Senate Republican colleagues are supposed to be doing something other than opposing the radical leftist agenda put forward by Democrats.

There has never been a more politically out-of-touch time to bring up such a one-sided parliamentary power grab.

Are Democrats really of the belief that dismissing millions of voters who elected Republicans to fill half of the U.S. Senate will lead to legislative success?

Opposing the ramming through of massive spending packages and President Biden’s radical agenda is the constitutionally prescribed opportunity afforded to Senate Republicans who act on behalf of their states and millions of Americans.